Affordable Value Driven Services

We believe in delivering value.  We work closely with you in identifying key and sensitive issues, focusing discussions and strategies to those issues that matter most to you. 


We assist with general business transactions, advising you of your rights and obligations under contracts such as employment agreements, consulting agreements, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, vendor agreements, and distribution and agency agreements. 

We can serve as your general counsel, guiding you on corporate governance and day-to-day operations.



We can advise you on how to best structure your deal, as a partnership, a limited liability company or a corporation, taking into account your business and legal concerns.  We can prepare, review and negotiate, on your behalf, agreements to reflect your deal, such as partnership agreements, operating agreements or shareholder agreements, and advise you on your rights and obligations under these agreements. 

We can guide you in the process of selling or purchasing your business by reviewing the purchase and sale agreement and related other documents, looking out for your best interest at all times while working with you to get the deal done.



We can negotiate with your lender the terms and conditions of your business line of credit and any other loan facilities, secured or unsecured.  We can review with you restrictions that may be imposed on you and your business by these loans such as personal guarantees, prepayment penalties and limitations on salaries and distributions so you can determine how these loans will affect your business.